Forthcoming: ‘Method as Tautology in the Digital Humanities’

LLCI’ve just recently sent Oxford Journals the typescript for an article due out in Literary and Linguistic Computing, called ‘Method as Tautology in the Digital Humanities’, in which I develop a concept of method in computer assisted literary criticism, using some my recent work with the OED. The article is both a case study describing my work modelling allusion and influence, and also—and more centrally—a reflection on the intellectual activities of modelling and method-making, and their relationship to the humanistic research questions that drive them. In “Method as Tautology” I develop a series of metaphors to think about the relationships among researcher, research question, research object, and digital method, and the relation of these to the disciplinary concerns of literary criticism. Along the way I discuss the “discipline” of DH, its inter-disciplinarity, and how it might relate to other disciplines, and relate them together. I think of the article as a first step in establishing guiding principles (for myself anyway, but I hope others will be engaged as well) for the modelling of figurative language, and for the application of digital methods in general to literary criticism. I’ll post a link here once it’s out.

[UPDATE – Advance access online publication as of 30 Nov 2013]

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