Electronic OED, Poetry and Intertextuality :: DH2012 Presentation Slides

Here are the slides for my presentation today at Digital Humanities 2012 in Hamburg:

PDF: Electronic OED, Poetry and Intertextuality [de-linked*]

At the moment this is for reference or information only, and is presented here without the necessary context and discussion in my conference paper (to be posted at a later date). An abstract with some discussion is here. [UPDATE: a video of the talk is here. Still not half the discussion I would have liked to have included, due to hideous time constraints.]

[*UPDATE2: These slides are out of date, now, and have been de-linked. See a more recent presentation here]

Please contact me if you’d like to use it in some rigorous way, have any queries about it, or would like some more information about the projects that led to it.

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