Bronco Bama

This is rapidly spreading over the interwebs, with headlines such as “Colorado 4-Year-Old Is Tired Of ‘Bronco Bama’ And Mitt Romney” (HuffPo):

It’s not surprising that the video is “going viral.” But I was a little surprised that I hadn’t heard “Bronco Bama” anywhere before in other contexts. It’s one of those turns of phrase that sounds inevitable once you’ve heard it.

It must be because I’m not from Colorado, as Abby and the Denver Broncos are. Apparently the phrase occurred to the DNC ages ago, back in the year Abby was born and Bronco became president:

As the reporter from the Rocky Mountain News explains in accompanying the flickr clip:

Behold the great genius of Democrat National Convention marketing. “Bronco Bama” cleverly plays off the Deocratic nominee’s unusual name, reminds us that he will accept his party’s nomination in the stadium where the Boncos play, and connects to the team that owns Denver’s sporting heart. You may see greatness during the convention, but rest assured, Bronco Bama has set the bar very high in the street.

Abby’s not impressed.

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